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Growing up With Harry - Sherman Baldwin


"What would Harry do?" is a question author Sherman Baldwin asks himself when faced with a difficult decision. Henry "Harry" deForest Baldwin is his father who died in 1997 at the age of sixty-six after a battle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. Harry was a man of character.

This personal memoir captures that character and the strong values Harry exhibited to his family and friends during his lifetime. Harry lived by the credos that character is what you do when no one's looking, to do the right thing when faced with a difficult choice, to be a good friend, and to persevere when life seems hard.

Growing Up with Harry represents a touching, insightful, and intensely human series of stories offering a glimpse of Harry's life in Roxbury, Connecticut- from his work as a lawyer, to his love of dogs, gardening, and the outdoors. The stories reflect his beliefs in honor, duty, courage, commitment, honesty, integrity, persistence, and love of family.

Offering universal life lessons, this memoir demonstrates that families are a sum of their stories. Whether the stories are happy or sad, they have value because they pass life lessons to the next generations.


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By Trevor Cross "persepolis" (Hingham, MA United States)
Well written, easy to read and on target ... Sherman Baldwin helps to show us the way by relating stirring stories about growing up in a family that has to confront situations of struggle, triumph, loss and love. Each chapter highlights a particular lesson learned from his dad that, when woven together, create a compelling narrative ... In these days when one's word is no longer one's bond, and many of our "leaders" are cutting side-deals for themselves at the expense of others, the author has done an excellent job of reminding us of the importance and value of character.

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Ironclaw - Sherman Baldwin Ironclaw - Sherman Baldwin ABOUT SHERMAN BALDWIN
Sherman Baldwin has written award-winning articles on leadership and national security and also wrote Ironclaw, a book detailing his combat experience during the first Persian Gulf War. Baldwin lives in Connecticut, with his wife Alice, their three children Henry, Lucy and Shane and their dog Bogey.

Ironclaw, Baldwin’s first book, is one of the most compelling accounts yet of life on a carrier at war. He brilliantly captures the excitement and risk faced by naval aviators. He takes the reader from below decks in the mission-planning room, where the day's combat assignment is handed out, to the deck of the MIDWAY, where jets are catapulted over the Persian Gulf, and into the cockpit - offering an unprecedented look at what it feels like to control one of the world's most sophisticated - and powerful - military machines.

Ultimately, Desert Shield becomes Desert Storm, and Baldwin propels the reader full force into combat. Whether he is refueling from a KC-135 tanker in midair, flying through flak over enemy territory, or landing on the pitching deck of the MIDWAY at night, Baldwin's experiences are as unforgettable as they are thrilling. Told with an intensity and expertise that even Tom Clancy would envy, Ironclaw is combat writing at its best.





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